Weakness, instability and movement as skill

Sometimes you move really poorly, with pain or instability because there is a real movement dysfunction or compensation from a previous injury.

Sometimes you are just generally weak, uncoordinated and unpractised.

A lot of people tell me that they have a weak or under active this or that. The reality is they are just really weak and have not done any legitimate work to address basic strength with a balance of stability and mobility.

I see it as relatively recent (in my experience) trend. Self diagnosis, worse yet, poor professional diagnosis, is not of any real use until you have adequate knowledge of yourself to make that call and doing so is only adding to potential problems.

Basic technique coaching from a genuine fitness professional can address a lot of issues for the general population. Hearing Tiger Woods mention his glutes "not firing", which is causing his back pain does not mean your issues must be associated to the same reasoning and issue.

I work with clients to address basic movement issues and the reality is its just time, effort and practise which has yielded the best results. No quick fixes, just skill development and strength built over time.

If you have been dealing with an issue that sounds like one mentioned here make sure you have your basics down before going further.



If you want to get your basics down book in for a consult and start your Strength for Life journey today.