Septembers daily tasks so far.

Here' a quick recap of your daily routine changes so far, so if you're late to the party start today or tomorrow and tag on one per day after that. 

Don't skip to implementing them all at once, that defeats the point.

1 Ditch the crap food, the foods you find it all too easy to overindulge on.

2 Create a rolling shopping list of whole food you really like to eat, no assumptions of magical properties on a food you honestly just won't eat, save the money for something you will.

3 Drink a minimum amount of liquid per day, I suggested 1.5L but really just create and awareness for how much you drink and go from there. Define the minimum and aim to improve upon it. All liquids count; tea, coffee, juice, milk although water should account for a large %.

4 Eat 3 portions of fruit and vegetables. Any reasonable human can attain this, and much like the shopping list eat what you like. Three portions of the same fruit and vegetables works fine as a minimum standard. Little by little branch out and fast other options when you can, add them in as you see find, bear in mind preparation times, price and availability. (My go to options are frozen mixed fruit, €1.79 /500g in Dunnes Stores and frozen green peas €1ish /400-700g most chain supermarkets. Throw the fruit in a blender with some protein powder and some oats and cinnamon, throw the beans onto pretty much every dish, delicious microwaved or added to basic Italian or Mexican dishes)

5 Set a realistic bed time and stick to it. "Sleep hygiene" is all to often the last thing on peoples minds when it comes to health care. Consistency and adherence to a routine are the foundations of improvement so start with a reasonable time and stick as rigidly as possible to it.

6 Head for a ten min walk. 5mins one way, five mins back. Do it at as fast a pace as you can whilst still walking, jogging isn't any better for the intended outcome and walking isn't necessarily footwear dependant so time of the day isn't constrained.

7 Aim for a a minimum amount of protein in your diet. If you know your weight in kg then eat 1g/per kg of bodyweight. Source isn't really too important in the beginning, do some research and find out the protein content of your favourite meals. Google is a great help here, you can even ask Siri in most cases. 

8 Measure your food intake to become more aware of the calories you are ingesting. No matter what your individual goal, awareness of your current position is key to beginning effectively and what you measure you can manage. The tools you choose are up to you, a scales is good for some, and eyeball is fine for others, using your hand for portion size comparison is even acceptable. Calories, protein, fats and carbohydrate amounts per 100g or per serving are widely available and legible. Do your research, get in the know.

9 Increase the volume of water you are taking in by between 10 & 20% depending on need, sustainability and personal preference.

So there are 9 days and 9 tasks for real change.