Picking a diet, setting priorities and following through.

Action expresses priorities.

The primary consideration in a personal diet is personal safety. Will it negatively affect you and is that something you are willing to do? You must think about this and make a choice, and then live with the consequence. Its not the diet’s fault if the shit hits the fan, its yours, deal with it.

Choice and adherence are all wonderful considerations, yet for me they rarely underlie successful eating patterns. Eating whatever you want is great if you can turn it to the fulfilment of your goals, which lets face it with the abundance of great tasting and mouth watering options is very difficult. Too much choice is paralysing. An ability to make an objective assessment of what constitutes a good choice for where you are right know and where you want to get to is a important. 

Wanting it all is a shortcut to disaster. Having focus and priorities is where real success lies. 

Getting caught up on eating whatever you want and maintaining that you can do this and maintain the body you want is practically unlikely. Too much choice can be paralysing and is generally a hindrance to progress.


Restriction is necessary, not just of a food, but of a behaviour, a desire, a need to turn off that part of your brain and really want something else more is when you will see good progress. 

Changing your mind is completely ok also. It is of no relevance to anyone else whether you sustain your plan any longer than you want to. 

If you have set a 12 week challenge and want to quit after 8 weeks, ask your self why? What is wrong? What is right? Where is the middle ground? Can I last?

Setting a priority is completely okay. set the priorities and you will have your decision making framework for continuing your journey. 

You will allow yourself create a continuity of decisions that builds momentum, which if your decisions have been made with safety considerations and with what you truly want, deep deep down, you ought have no problems continuing. 

The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.
— Stephen Covey, author of "7 habits of highly successful people"