One simple idea to vastly improve your chances of changing behaviours

If you find making the "right" changes is a lottery or you wonder, "which new thing should I start to do now?", You are not alone.

There is too much "healthy" advice out there, so I'm not going to add my nonsense to the pile, find your own. When you do, this is the next step...

  1. When it comes to making lifestyle change, decide early.
  2. Make a decision and then stick to it. 
  3. Stop the second guessing. 
  4. Reduce the chance of needing to make multiple choices. 
  5. Make adopting a good habit more successful and less fraught with distraction.

In essence, "just do it." I do love my Nike trainers (currently have 3 pairs) but I'm not endorsing their product as much as that message. Stop the nonsense, the fooling around, the inaction and just do it.

I promise you will be happier with the progress you are making no matter what the goal if you just decide early, really decide/commit/buy in/ engage/ choose that its what you want.

What will you decide to do now?