About Eoin


10+ years of fitness industry experience working within large commercial gym chains and private training studios.

Working with a wide array of clients, teenagers to pensioners, a handful of supremely motivated clients managing their Parkinson's disease, some managing chronic pain, novice and veteran trainers, pregnant mothers (and spouses), numerous wedding clients, I have advised clients seeking admittance to the armed forced and An Garda Síochána where fitness is a measure of success, obese clientele for whom weight loss is a life and death proposition, I have worked with scratch and recreational golfers (I am one) on increasing their mobility and power, I have advised my fellow fitness professionals on structuring and planning their own business and on career development, I count numerous nurses and hairdressers (who's backs, shoulders and necks are now strong and robust) and other health beauty professionals as long term clients.

I have made mistakes, plenty to be fair, in the organisation and running of my business, in dealing with clients and managing expectations. I can guarantee that not one of my clients past or present would say that I didn't strive to understand them and their issues when we began, that I wasn't an avid listener and that I failed to offer realistic solutions to lifestyle related changes and management. I am a scientist by training but more of an engineer in application. I find creative and imaginative solutions to my clients issues, I will find the other option, the one that wasn't clear before.



MSc Sport and Exercise Management


BSc Sports Management  

Darby Training Systems level one Coach

Poliquin Biosignature practitioner level one

Precision Nutrion Coach (in training)


My history

I chose to develop the Strength for Life system as a response to my experiences in the Health and Fitness industry. I saw the need for a reasonable and realistic application of scientific principles toward the creating of healthier lifestyles. The need for a sensible and sustainable approach to lifestyle change and training became the real necessity. My clientele are real people who understand that quick fixes just don't work and that the value in training and lifestyle coaching comes from trust and mutual respect for the goals we set. 

My academic education was completed at University College Dublin, Dublin 4. In 2010 I graduated with an MSc in Sports and Exercise Management specialising in public health issues, in particular health promotion strategies. After graduating I continued to gain education and experience with industry leaders and successful coaches. I take great pride in learning directly from those I consider industry leaders in their fields, like Dan Baker, Mike Boyle and Phil Learney and also from industry innovators like Charles Poliquin and Kevin Darby.

I maintain a friendly working relationship with my peers in Ireland and abroad, this helps me continually evaluate my own systems and procedures against the best and brightest to ensure I'm on top of my game.

I stand over the fact that my academic and practical experience sets me apart within the industry, and I consider myself a professional, ethical and totally competent health and fitness consultant.

Finding balance is key and great coaching can and does help you achieve it as the top priority.