Monthly training packages

1 session per week, €240, 1 hour contact time per week

2 session per week, €480, 2 hour contact time per week

3 session per week, €600, 3 hour contact time per week

More than 4 sessions per week, price available upon request

Charge is based per calendar month

100% attention to technique, exercise cueing, safety considerations and individual movement progressions. 

Fully programmed monthly training. 

Lifestyle and food intake guidance to optimise your results

Custom built fitness plan

Fitness and strength plan packages

2 day training split €150

3-4 day training split €180

5+ day training split €200

All plans are intended to roll over consecutively every 4-6 weeks.

Fully programmed monthly training.

What you get

Strength for Life is built on an excellent service for private personal training sessions.

Your fully tailored service allows us to set goals together, and plan the actionable steps to achieve them.

Guidance, accountability, resources and wisdom come as standard.

The process of changing your body is simplified to your level, to ensure your compliance, enjoyment and progress.

The purpose of this service is to take you from wherever you stand on the spectrum of beginner to advanced trainer to wherever you want to be. 

Your goals, your plan.

*Advice will be offered depending on your current and past experience and position to come to an agreeable number of weekly sessions to ensure your goals are met.